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Our History

Vivekanand ITI is one of the best and modest Institutes in the State. It is the leading and pioneer Institute in the state, well-known and well recognized for its Vocational Training standards & linkage with the industries in and around Kuchaman (Nagaur). 
We are here dedicated to improve the quality of vocational training in the city and make it demanding driven so as to assure better employability to graduates. Hard work, Good knowledge & Intelligence can lead any one to success and perfection. So we always focus that our students can achieve higher goals.
We try to inculcate technological skills amongst youth to empower them for gainful employment through technical & vocational education and to enhance productivity of formal & non-formal sector of economy by having close interaction with industry. We are also committed to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by equipping them for suitable employment. There is a dire need to build strong partnership which can institute best processes and systems to inculcate quality skills and competencies among the youth for better employability and we are dedicate and working to achieve this.
"The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staff is remarkable and enables students like myself to achieve their dreams! With the help of you all I am now Placed in my dream Company! For that I will forever be indebted to you."

It is established for Technical development for unemployed person to train and able to the purposed of employ or self employ Vivekanand ITI. It is affiliated from National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) of Directorate General of employment and Training Development under the Govt. of India/New Delhi. The Society has been working in all types of Social, Cultural, and educational trading fields. The working committee adopts a Resolution to establish an autonomous institute to fulfill.It has become essential to large demand of skilled person in the rapidly growing industries in India and abroad. This institute keeps a special due to well placed arranged workshop with all machineries and equipments qualified and Experienced Instructor, Staff and according to the standard of NCVT, Hence the primary object of the designed training is to make people fit for job as Skill working in the surrounding industries. The object is also to develop capability for entrepreneur among the local people by making them cottage industries and fit for self 

Vivekanand Institute of Education & Research shall always pursue three main focus areas while enhancing its dimension, diversity and quality:
    Enriching higher learning outcomes with inputs of professional skills to enable graduates and post graduates to choose successful careers.
    High academic standards and good processes of education to raise the Institutes’ academic standing for students’ benefit.
    Develop the competitive advantage in students through training, placement, work experience, fieldwork and research.
“To establish under the aegis of AIER, progressive self reliant autonomous education, research, training, professional and technical institutions and specialized centres different locations utilizing both formal and non formal channels of education for different target /age groups for optimal human resource development, enrichment and welfare and these by to contribute to the over all -improvement in the quality of individual and social life.”
“To achieve and maintain the position education leadership among educational institutes by extending the frontiers of knowledge and follow innovative and collaborative strategies for the amelioration of educational vocational and professional status of public in general and of different target gropes in particular, with out any barrier and bias whatsoever.”
“To propagate knowledge and serve the cause of quality education (general, technical and professional) research training welfare and new technologic, according to best emerging trends in these spheres based on the principal of excellence, self reliance, collaboration and service to society.”
To make dedicated efforts towards the development and enrichment of human resources without any barrier and discriminations keeping in view the changing world scenario utilizing both formal and not formal channels of education. 


 Main Objectives
1. Ensure employment & self employment to all trainees
2. Skill gap mapping & providing skill gap training to make trainees employable
          Functions of
1.       Organize campus interviews for recruitment of trainees
2.       Maintain details of all trainees
3.       Collect the requirements of skilled workforce of industries
4.       Provide counseling & career guidance to trainees by professionals & experts.
5.       Do skill gap mapping & provide skill gap training to trainees
6.       Keep track of the passed out trainees till they are employed  at least for  3 years
7.       Conduct survey in industries to find out employment potential.
8.       Work like employment Exchange
9.       Publicity Centre of Excellence scheme.
          Role & responsibilities
1.       Maintain record / follow-up register of all trainees admitted from Aug 2006 session - whether employed / self employed / gone for higher education
2.        Maintain record of industries/ Employing Govt. organization
3.       Organize campus interviews, recruitment fairs
4.       Inform all passed out trainees about the recruitment fairs organized by Govt. / Semi Govt./ Pvt. Organization time to time
5.       Arrange seminar and workshop regularly for counseling & vocational guidance & employment opportunities
6.       Display paper cuttings or notices about vacancies
7.       Help the trainees to prepare CV
8.       Organize workshop with the help of by DIC / MCED/ MITCON/ Banks/Development Corporations.
9.       Organize EDP training
10.   Organize training program to improve interview skills, personality Development, Soft     skill etc.
11.   Keep track of passed out trainees at least for 3 years
12.   Arrange on the Job Training and industrial visits for trainees
13.   Facilitate for overseas employment
14.   Conduct survey to find employment potential
15.   Co-ordinate with employment Exchange